Monday, September 20th , 2010

Chiostro del Museo Eremitani - fonte: Gabinetto Fotografico del Museo This informal opening reception will be held at Eremitani City Museum right after the Conference. This reception will provide an opportunity for attendees to meet together for drinks and snacks in a really exclusive set that we will reach together by foot from the Conference venue (about 1km).

During the cocktail you'll have the unique opportunity to visit the masterpiece of Giotto, which is nearby the chiostrum where the cocktail is held.Scrovegni's Chapel - Giotto
We already booked your ticket which will be given to you on site; participants with their tickets, should reach the entrance of the air-conditioned waiting-room outside the Scrovegni Chapel 5 minutes before the visiting time printed on their tickets.
Only 25 people are admitted per visit - late visitors will not be admitted into the Chapel.
Groups of maximum 25 people wait at the door to the air-conditioned waiting-room for 15 minutes, the time needed to stabilise the interior microclimate. They then enter the Chapel for another 15 minutes. Visits last a total of about 30 minutes.Cappella degli Scrovegni
Automatic access doors open only once on entrance and exit, to allow stabilisation of the interior microclimate.
After the visit you can go back to the cocktail area: your friends will still be there!
Open to pre-registered attendees only.


The Eremitani City Museum (Museo Civico degli Eremitani) displays a rich collection of roman and pre-roman finds in what used to be the Augustinian Hermits monastery, along with etruscan and paleochristian ones, and precious works of art dated back between the 14th and the 18th century. Amongst them, the Crucifix by Giotto and the Angels by Guariento originally created for the adjacent Scrovegni Chapel one of the greatest artworks of all times. Completely frescoed by Giotto between 1303 and 1305 is now perfectly preserved thanks to very complex restoration and the beauties it offers to visitors worth alone the trip to Padova, illustrates the life of Mary, the life of Jesus, the Passion of Jesus and the Last Judgement that scared and impressed viewer for centuries, for its realism. With his two stayings in town Giotto marked the rebirth of art in town after the difficult medieval times. Frescoes remained throughout centuries a tradition of Padova, that can now feature a treasure rarely comparable.


Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

A pleasant social dinner in a magnificent villa just outside Padova. A three-course dinner with typical local products will be served and will be the social highlight of the Conference.
Private transportation will be provided: details on transfers meeting points will be given at the Conference. Open to pre-registered attendees only.





IMPORTANT NOTE: the Conference and all social events are open to pre-registered participants only, however if you wish to bring a guest, you must reserve in advance in order to avoid any delay on site.
Please send an email to before September 10th stating name and surname of your guest (and the events you are interested in) so that we will provide him/her with a badge.
You will pay directly at the conference venue on your arrival (cash only) the following fees:

  • For  Monday 20th Social events € 40,00
  • For Tuesday 21st Social event € 60,00

A maximum of 20 bookings will be accepted.
Please remember that accompanying persons are not allowed to attend scientific sessions, neither lunches nor coffee breaks at the Conference venues.